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       In order to launch worksheets in compensation management the compensation admins go to Manage Worksheets, fill in the required information, and select an employee who sits at the top of the hierarchy in the organisation, generally the CEO. If ‘Create worksheet for Head of Planning only’ is unchecked, the worksheets are launched for all the planners in the organisation.

In some cases organisations launch their compensation worksheets based on different departments, divisions or legal entities. To launch the compensation worksheets for a specific group of employees, there is another method which makes use of Employee Groups.

For example, if the planner has direct reports working in various departments, and the worksheets have to be launched for employees working for department A, in such a situation the employee groups will be helpful and we can create a group for employees working in department A and launch the worksheet using the group.


To allow access to this feature:

  • Navigate to Admin tools -->Set User Permissions--> Manage Permission Roles

  • Select the required admin role click on Permissions.

  • Under the Administrator Permissions category select Manage Users and enable Manage Employee Groups.

Once the permissions have been granted, new groups can be created

 To Configure:

  • Action Search→ Manage Employee Groups to create dynamic groups of employees.

  • Select Create New Group.

  • Enter the Group Name.

  • Select a category from the People Pool.

  • Click Update to view the members of the group.

  • Exclude any members from the group as needed

  • Click Done.

For launching Compensation Worksheets for a group of user:

  • Navigate to Admin tools --> Actions for all plans in Compensation tile.

  • Select the desired form template as shown below and click on Plan Setup.

  • Under Settings select Advanced Settings.

  • Search for Create worksheets by employee group and enable it.

  • Select “Do not duplicate employees on worksheets”.

  • Click “Update Form Template”.


  • The “Do not duplicate” option prevents users from being moved around on forms if their membership in a group changes.

  • The “Create by employee group” option will be grayed out if any forms have already been created. Delete worksheets to enable this option.

Create worksheets using Employee Groups:

  • Under Actions for all plans, select the template for which Create worksheets by employee group has been enabled.

  • Navigate to Manage Worksheets --> Create Worksheets.

  • Fill out the required details.

  • Select the required group and Launch the worksheet.

  • Planners will receive forms in their inbox with only the employees in the selected group.

Below is the example for how the compensation form will look like for the same planner when using the employee group and otherwise.

Not using the Employee Group:

When using the Employee Groups for launching the compensation worksheet:

There are certain implications when using Employee Groups to launch the worksheets:

  • It will include inactive users.

  • Multiple forms will be created for planners as opposed to a single form with all the direct reports for a particular planner

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