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We often need to reuse the pages in the report and create a new report from the existing pages in analytics. Follow these 5 simple steps mentioned in the article.This article will also show how one can directly edit and duplicate a report from report center with the new 1708 release (Q3 2017).

Creating a new report with existing pages

Step 1: Access to Report designer :

Go to Analytics > Analytics > Tools > Report Designer

Step 2: Add folder :

Go to manage reports > Folders > Add folder

Step 3: Create new report:

Go to Manage report > New report

Step 4: Adding existing page to the new report:

Go to Add page > Existing page

Step 5: Selecting multiple pages from to add in the new report.

Step 6: Access the New report with copied pages

Note: if you don't have access to edit, the page will not open (page name will be in black/gray color).

Editing report from Report Center

Alternatively, you can now edit the pages from the Report Center with the new 1708 release (Q3 2017)

  • The reports created using report designer automatically shows up in the report center.

  • Report center allows to edit and duplicate the report once created.