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Hi all


Today I will be discussing how to create a custom MDF Object that allows you to create multiple records with effective dates.  The use case I recently had was where a custom MDF is required to capture qualifications, since the background element doesn't provide me with the functionality I need, like field level override permissions among others.  I am also then able to leverage workflows and require attachments for qualification records with the solution at the end of the day.

In terms of the solution, TWO custom MDF objects are actually needed.  One parent custom MDF {let's call it Qualification}, that basically acts as a holder for the multiple child records, which is the second custom MDF {I have called it Add Qualificaiton} with the various fields and picklists that make up the entry.

As a note, you only need to create a custom UI for the Parent Object.  With this custom UI created, you can now go to Configure People Profile and add the Live Profile MDF Information block.

Since I have a need for multiple qualification records to be added (like a high school certificate, a diploma, doctorate, etc.), I have configured the Associations on the Parent MDF, with One to Many multiplicity and my second MDF Object as the Destination.

I also only secured the Parent Object since it is not possible to create child entity records either in the People Profile or via Manage Data.

Lastly, I also created a workflow for approval and added it only to the Parent Object's Save Rules.

The intended consequence is that I can now add multiple qualifications on different effective dates to an employee's profile, and they trigger a workflow for approval.  Each new effective dated record will also have a unique number, since I have set the externalCode as "Auto Number" Data Type on my child entity.

Trust you would find this helpful, and as always, feel free to comment, correct or ask questions if you need assistance to make this solution your own.
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