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Hi Everyone,

Here I will be discussing on few scenarios related to Learning for one of my clients(Hospital) and how we structured the content during this pandemic.

Note: Here example is taken considering there is a Medical/Nursing digital book with 5 Units, and 6 chapters in each Unit


With an increasing difficulty and risk in taking up classroom classes or even reading through books(due to lack of stretched working hours)there was a huge loss in availability of Nurses and Doctors due to lack of the completion of compliance courses.

Therefore here is how we structured digital courses to convert them as a whole semester subject.

1) Identify the structure with which the exams/assessments are occurring within a specific country.

Few scenarios:

  • There were certain departments that required a small quiz after each chapter, whereas other needed after each Unit, and so on.

  • Few needed image based questions, other were multiple answer type

  • Certain subjects had interdependent chapters based on completion

2) Convert the available pdf,word,video or any non communicating file to communicating format.

We structured all the pdf documents available to SCORM/AICC content for easy tracking and reporting purposes.
For each chapter we had a separate content object created in LMS.

Considering that every 3rd chapter has a small quiz after it ends and then a practical exam after the whole unit. End user will not be able to move ahead to next Unit until they finish the current one. Admins have a fixed date and time for the practical exam for each slot of users.

3) Create these quizzes and exams using the new Assessment tool

Please refer to this document from SAP on how to create Assessments :

Creating Assessments to Test Users' Learning

4) Associate these content objects or assessments with one item

So far we have created One item representing each unit, and each unit consists of multiple chapters and assessments.

5) Now create Items and SOs for practical exams with the required facility and location information.

Once these SOs are created , either the admins can enroll users or Users can self assign themselves in their available date and time.

6) Create a Program(representing a book) and associate these Units and SO-Item in the program as a single module.

While creating the program make sure that you are making completion as mandatory or each module to proceed


Now we have created a Book(Program) that has multiple modules(Units). Each module consists of multiple chapters and exams(content objects and assessments).Additionaly each module also consists of SO-Item that has practical exam information.
At the end there is one more additional module that only consists of Assessment.
This assessment represents Final exam after the end user has finished the whole book.
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