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As part of 1H 2022 release series blogs, this blog highlights key country or region specifics across the suite. As mentioned in the previous blogs, SAP SuccessFactors team, mostly concentrated on country/region specifics under this release. This is a good sign and brings ease to beat the competition.

Let’s see how the 1H Country/Region specific enhancements looks like:

Country Title Description Module
Argentina / Canada / USA Country/Region-Specific Gender Field

Part of 1H, SAP added a new Gender field in Global Information and Personal Information in Employee Central to collect gender information for employees and dependents in Argentina, Canada, and the USA.

Also replication of the Gender field from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll is enabled.
Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Australia Onboarding Form Tax File Number (TFN) Australia's Tax File Number (TFN) form on SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding can now be integrated with Employee Central Payroll. This feature now will resolve or get rid of manual activities, previously, it doesn’t get updated to Employee Central Payroll master data automatically and the result, same data is entered twice. Employee Central Payroll
Canada Job Classification Field 1H 2022 brings a new country/region-specific field, Classification Group, to Job Classification for Canada in Employee Central and enhanced the Import Jobs, Positions and Org. Units from Employee Central report in Employee Central Payroll. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Canada / Hungary / Italy / Poland / United Arab Emirates Legal Changes Legal changes in Employee Central Payroll:

  • Canada: Changes to the employment equity regulations and employment equity reporting

  • Hungary: New data sheet at termination of employees for 2022

  • Italy: Changes of the Certificatione Unica (CU) for 2022

  • Poland: New tax forms for 2021

  • United Arab Emirates: Changes on the regulation of labor relations in the private sector

Employee Central Payroll
Chile Time Account Information Replication You can now replicate Employee Central time account information to the Absence Quota (2006), Time Quota Compensation (416), and Absences (2001) infotypes for Chile when you use the Time Accounts and Related Information Replication Scenario. Employee Central Payroll
Germany eAU Exclusion Reason Field You can now choose an exclusion reason that explains why an electronic certificate of incapacity to work (eAU) does not have to be submitted for an absence. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Germany / Austria Enhanced Country/Region-specific Gender Picklist SAP has enhanced the country/region-specific gender picklist values for Austria and Germany. Employee Central
Kuwait Enhanced Country/Region-Specific Address Information SAP has added two new country/region-specific fields, <Building Name> and <P.O. Box> for Home Address and Corporate Address for Kuwait. Employee Central
Philippines Enhanced Country/Region-Specific Work Permit Document Type Team SAP has added a new personal document type, 'Persons with Disabilities (PWD ID)' to the picklist ID permitdoctype for Philippines. SAP has enabled replication of the new document type from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Czech Republic Enhanced Country/Region-specific Bank Account Number Validation SAP has enhanced the validation of bank account numbers for Czech Republic. The account number validation now accepts a minimum of two digits and a maximum of ten. This one is coming from customer community. Employee Central
Romania Local Version SAP introduces a version for Romania, includes Personal Information, Address Information, Contract Elements, and Dependents Information. SAP also enabled replication of country/region-specific employee master data from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. Data models, picklists and validation rules are available in the Software Download Center. For Employee Central Payroll, Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SPA6 must be installed in your system. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Saudi Arabia Country/Region-Specific Fields One more key enhancement, team SAP added new country/region-specific fields for Saudi Arabia to reflect changes to Saudi labor law in Employee Central. The fields relate to Legal Entity Data, Global Information, and Job Information. This also enabled replication of these fields from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Singapore Country/Region-Specific Legal Entity Data Field SAP has added a new country/region-specific field, <UEN>, under Legal Entity Data for Singapore. UEN stands for 'Unique Entity Number' and is the standard identification number of an entity in Singapore. Employee Central
Singapore Country/Region-Specific Work Permit Type Singaporean work permit document is now renamed with the external code SGP-S from 'SGP-Foreigner earning >= $2000' to <SGP-Skilled Pass>. Also, a new validation rules for the 'Foreign Identification Number' (FIN).= $2000' to SGP-Skilled Pass is now available. Employee Central
Slovakia Enhanced Payment Information Validation and Document Type SAP has enhanced the country/region specific payment information field validation and renamed a Work Permit document type for Slovakia. As part of payment information validation, you can add extra permitted formats for Variable Symbol and Specific Symbol. Employee Central
Ukraine Enhanced Country/Region-specific Global Information SAP added new country/region-specific Global Information fields for employees in Ukraine. The new fields are available under Global Information, Disability Information, and Dependents. Employee Central
United Kingdom E-Filing Legal Changes SAP released a new package e-Filing of Employees' Payments and Deductions 2022-23 (United Kingdom) to support electronic communication with the government gateway Employee Central Payroll
United Kingdom Onboarding Form Starter Checklist For the Student Loans section of the Starter Checklist form for the United Kingdom, you can now select more than one value. These values are replicated to Employee Central Payroll. Employee Central Payroll

Other than above country specifics, Team SAP has also initiated few features that adds value to 1H 2022 Country/Region specifics release. Here is the list:

Feature Title Description Module
Dual Calendar Dual Calendar Enabled for Arabic and Thai Locales 1H 2022 brings a new dual calendar view for people who use either Arabic or Thai. SAP also made the calendar experience more consistent, across many places in the system where you select a date. Platform
Biographical Information Country/Region-Specific Localized Biographical Information SAP added a new section, Localized Biographical Information, in the Biographical Information block, and enabled replication of localized biographical information from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. The new section brings 3 fields by default: <Country/Region>, <Region of Birth> and <Place of Birth>. Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll
Address Validations Service Layer for ESS UI Edit and History UI Page for Address Validation SAP has adopted the service layer for the ESS UI Edit and History UI page for Address Validation Service. HR administrators can now make corrections to the history data, for example, the start date of a field change, on behalf of employees so that data quality can be ensured. Employee Central
Forms My Forms (Fiori 2.0) You can now use the My Forms (Fiori 2.0) app in Employee Central Payroll, With the My Forms (Fiori 2.0) app, you can display different HR-related form types relevant for you and your country/region of employment. This feature will ease employees the access to a specific form in PDF format. Employees can now also download and print a selected PDF form Employee Central Payroll

Hope this helps someone, I once again tried to sum up the best. But, I would highly recommend checking out “What’s New Viewer” for all the country/region specific release updates, part of H1 2022.

See you soon with a new blog!

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