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In the previous post (Configuring pdf forms in your SuccessFactors Onboarding – Part One) we have learned to generate a pdf form using a pdf editor. You can continue the exercise from that generated document or from another pdf form.

In this publication, we will learn to configure the pdf form, so that it is available and can be completed with the data collected during the onboarding process. Eventually you can sign electronically.


  • Upload in your SuccessFactors instance and map a custom form.

  • Edit custom form attributes.


  • You need to login as someone who has permission to upload PDF Forms.

    • Login to SuccessFactors HCM instance with security administrator privileges.

    • Go to On/Offboarding.

    • From Security > Assign Groups to Users, add the Client Administrators group to you.

    • The Client Administrators group has the Partner Admin Role.

    • You could proxy as Admin user.


Login to SuccessFactors HCM instance.

Go to On/Offboarding.

From Onboarding navigate to Settings PDF Forms (not just “Forms”).


Select your instance from the Form Groups at the left.

Set the following attributes:

  • Code -> The code is composed of alphanumeric characters and without spaces.

  • Name -> The name is composed of alphanumeric characters and may contain spaces.

  • Source file -> Choose the pdf you updated above.

From the left, click on each field in turn to map them.

For the signature field wich is not in the Data Dictionary, just indicate that the employee needs to sign, and click Update.

For the other fields, click the  button next to Input Value,

use type-ahead to locate the field from the Data Dictionary, and Select it.

Click Update.

Navigate to Reference Files > Forms and Create the form.

  • Name -> Click the … button to select the form you uploaded.

  • Order -> This will specify the order when the form is displayed during the signature step.

  • Number of copies: 1.

  • Save Form: Checked.

  • Employee Print Form: Checked.

  • Click Create.

From “View Assigned PDF Forms by Groups” at the left, select your instance name, the Edit your Form.

Notice that additional fields are provided.

Click Update.



In this way we can load a custom pdf form, map the fields from the pdf form with the Data Dictionary fields.

This process ensures that the data collected in the form during the Onboarding process can be transferred through the mapping to the Data Dictionary fields to be used in other processes.

There is a second way to do this mapping directly from Super Admin Page, but the goal is the same.

I hope this publication facilitates the management of pdf forms.
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