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Since Q4 2019 release, customers can use the new feature Quick Apply in Recruiting module in order to have a faster and easier application process. With an easy process to be configured, the Quick Apply option will help candidates to complete their application with a minimum of clicks, less information to be captured and by navigating through a single page on the career site.

Configure Quick Apply feature

Once added on the job requisition template, the Quick Apply button is visible and can be enabled for those applications we really want to simplify and reduce the time to apply. By default, the button is disabled but business rules are supported in order to switch to enabled.

In order to activate the Quick Apply feature, we need to first add the field on the job requisition template and permission it appropriately.


<field-definition id=“quickApply" type="bool" required=“false" custom="false">

<field-label><![CDATA[Quick Apply]]></field-label>

<field-description><![CDATA[Quick Apply]]></field-description>



After adding and granting permissions for the “quickApply” field on the job requisition, we can create a job requisition and enable the Quick apply button.



Once the requisition is approved and posted on the external career site, the candidates will apply by completing the minimum set of data required. Note that the Quick Apply feature is available only for external candidates, it is not supported for internal career sites at this point.


Application process

When the candidates will press “Apply Now” button they will start the application process all in one page, not being redirected to create a candidate account first. The account creation data and application fields will be displayed in one page, through which the candidate will have to add the email address, the password, then complete the application fields. Also, when selecting the country the Data Privacy Statement needs to be confirmed.


Mind that if the candidates already have an account created, they will be asked to login first, and then complete the application, but still from the same page which means a faster application process.


Once the application is submitted, the recruiter will see the candidate and proceed with the recruiting process in a normal way.



Advantages of using Quick Apply feature

  • Candidates are able to complete an application with the fewest clicks possible and with the minimum of information required.

  • Questions can be added on the job requisition and will be displayed on the quick application process, making sure in this way that the specific information needed for that vacancy will be completed.

  • Candidates redirected from job boards can use the quick apply with no issues.

  • After applying with Quick Apply, candidates can complete the rest of their profile at any time.



Disadvantages of using Quick Apply feature

  • Multi-document attachment can be used only for signed-in candidates

  • The Resume Parsing does not work at this time for Quick Apply

  • Email templates like E-mail verification for Account creation and Career Site E-Mail Notification cannot be enabled in order for Quick Apply feature to work.

  • Make sure you’re not using Quick Apply for applications where the information from background elements of candidate profile can make the difference ( Previous Employment, Languages etc.) since these won’t be displayed on the quick apply process.

  • The Save button is not available during the Quick Apply process, so we cannot save drafts.



Quick Apply is a great option which will save time and effort for candidates and is especially great since it can be enabled for specific job requisitions, depending on how much information customers are looking to capture right from the beginning of an application process.

Before enabling this feature, please make sure you go through all the current limitations mentioned on the implementation guide and discuss these with the client.


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