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The concurrent employment for contingent worker feature which formally needed enablement from provisioning is currently available in upgrade center. This feature as of this first half release (on April 10) is available under “important upgrades” in upgrade center in all preview instances. It will be universally/automatically enabled for all preview and production systems by the second half of 2020.It is very important for companies who have contingent workforce management already implemented to start testing this feature now so as to evaluate how this will affect your business processes once it is universally applied. This blog post describes what to expect once this feature is enabled.

Contingent workers provide services to companies on non-permanent basis. When contingent workers are hired in SuccessFactors, they are assigned “work orders” which represents the contract of the work they are doing for the company. Concurrent employment is when a person in your company has multiple employments at the same time. The concurrent employment for contingent worker feature goes beyond this definition. Companies will find this feature very useful if they have contingent workers who either hold multiple work order assignments simultaneously, are employed by multiple departments or hold multiple positions within the same department in the same country. In addition to supporting simultaneous work orders, you get the option to create multiple work orders spanning different time lengths as well. For example, a contingent worker can be assigned to two work orders (contracts) both dated 01/01/2020 to 05/21/2020 OR the contingent worker can be assigned two or more work orders (contracts) with one starting on 01/01/2020 and the other starting 02/02/2020. Another use case of this feature is that it can be used to rehire a contingent worker who is coming back as a contingent worker. One important point to note is that the concurrent employment is only between work orders hence this feature cannot be used to rehire a contingent worker as a regular employee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once this feature is enabled, it cannot be disabled so it is best to test this feature in an environment with least disruption to your business process or current set up. This feature cannot be permissioned, meaning you cannot choose to see or not see the “add assignment” link in an employee’s profile.

 Once this feature is enabled, it will replace the following:

1. New Work Order link from profile gets replaced with Add Assignment



Clicking on the “Add Assignment” in take action opens the below screen

2. Insert New Record in work order portlet will not be available after upgrade.




Below are a few interesting things I observed while testing this feature.

Hire/Rehire of contingent workers

  • Previously during the contingent worker rehire process, the work order portlet comes prepopulated with previous work order information. Once concurrent employment for contingent worker is enabled, only the date field in work order will be prepopulated during a rehire.

  • If you already have workflows configured for when a new contingent worker gets hired/rehired, this same workflow will trigger once you add assignment.

  • During the rehire of contingent worker via “add contingent worker”, the duplicate check displays all assignments including an option (checkbox) to “accept match by copying data from the previous employment” of your choice. This was previously not the case. Note that if you do not check this box, the job information portlet is presented as a clean slate with no prepopulated fields. All other Job information details except the position field, gets copied over when a particular employment is selected and checkbox is ticked. Also, all assignments will have to have status as terminated before you can rehire via “add contingent worker” once concurrent employment for contingent worker is enabled. Since rehire via “add contingent worker” and “add assignment” leads to the same outcome, it is best to use the add assignment option in take action especially if the worker already has another active assignment.

User ID and Username Change

  • After this feature is activated, the system will create new employments when a contingent worker is rehired. Previously, existing employments were reused and work order/employment information was overwritten when a contingent worker rejoined your company. New employments will also be created when a new work order is created via the new ‘Add Assignment’ function. What this means is that, for every add assignment or rehire action, a completely new User ID as well as Username gets created. What also gets created is a detached job information and a completely new work order. Unlike previously when you only had one record where you can see all history in one place, once concurrent employment for contingent worker is enabled, you will have to see this history from toggling between the rounded buttons in the profile header. Note that although User ID changes with every employment, Person ID stays the same.

Work Order

  • Previously, it was not possible to extend the work order dates to make a worker whose work order has expired become active in the system. You had to perform a rehire action via “add contingent worker”. With concurrent employment feature enabled for contingent workers, an expired work order can be extended via extending the work order dates. The worker’s job information status will become fully active once the HRIS sync runs.

  • Unlike the current set up where you can reuse the same work order number for rehires, a New work order number will be generated with every assignment and every rehire once this feature is enabled.

Please like, comment, share and let me know if you have any questions.

Check out my other blog post on position object customization for contingent workers here.…ct-customization/
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