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Data Migration (data loads) is one of the painful tasks and much needed task for any project to go-live successfully.

Every customer and implementation partners go thru several data loads during different phases of the project; right from SIT (testing) till Go-Live. Often, they need ways to update data for various reasons.

One of the painful tasks is to refresh (delete and load) data to different environments of SuccessFactors like Development, Quality and Production. Traditional approach is to use operation DELETE/DELIMIT in each data template and load it individually. To make things a little easier, SuccessFactors has a feature "Compound Delete for Employee Central" (mass delete). 

How to enable this feature?

To enable this feature, you must:

  • navigate to Provisioning >> Company Settings

  • select "Enable Compound Delete"

  • Save

Once enabled in provisioning, the template for this can be downloaded and imported from Admin Center > Import Employee Data


Which sections of employee data can be deleted?

Compound Delete (delete all records) allows user to delete records for a given User Id/Person ID External for

  • Job Relationships

  • Pay Component Non-Recurring

  • Addresses

  • Email Information

  • Phone Information

  • National ID Information

  • Biographical Information


Working with Compound Delete 

  • Download template

  • Prepare template

  • Import data

  • Final outcome


Points to remember while using this feature

  • Threshold for the Delete operations is 5000 i.e., if the import file contains more than 5000 records then it will be processed asynchronously.

  • it's also important to delete Time, Payment, Benefits information before this import, otherwise, there can be some potential issues (will provide more info in the next update).

  • Duplicated with respect to User ID/Person ID External and HRIS Element Type will report an error.

  • Person Info can only be deleted via Compound Delete only in a specific scenario (refer to article 2598644 - How to delete Orphaned Person ID


This feature potentially saves time and effort of both customer and implementation partners in data cleanup and subsequent data loads. Hassle of using multiple templates to delete/delimit data records can be overcomed.


More information on "Compound Delete" feature can be found in Employee Central Imports Admin Guide >> Working with Data Imports >> Working with Employee Data >> Deleting Employee Data

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