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  • In this blog post I will cover 'Coaching' feature available in SAP SuccessFactors Mentoring.

  • In Mentoring we can manage Custom Program Types with Text Replacement .The program-level text replacement gives you the freedom to manage up to three custom program types in addition to the default mentoring program.

  • For example, you want to keep the default mentoring programs and create other types of programs such as coaching programs. With the program-level text replacement, you can define a text replacement pack for each custom program type and decide which replacement pack to use when you create a new program.

  • Go to 'Manage Mentoring Programmes'.

  • Click on 'Settings'.


  • Click on 'Text Replacement Configuration'. Enable replacement pack key, enter name and click on Save.



  • Go to 'Manage Languages'.



  • Expand the language for which you want to upload translations. Click on 'Download custom labels'.


  • Add keys with 'TYPEA' extension. Add keys for all coaching related keywords.


  • Again, go to 'Manage Languages' and click on 'Upload Custom labels'. Upload updated file with coaching keywords.


  • Go to 'Manage Mentoring Programmes and create new Mentoring Programme. While configuring new programme select ‘Mentoring Programme Text Replacement option’ as ‘Coaching’

  • For more information about programme configurations kindly visit my earlier blog. .

  • From home drop down go to 'Mentoring'  and check coaching programme which you have configured . All coaching related keywords will be displayed instead of mentoring.

  • Functionality wise both mentoring and Coaching Programmes are same.

  • Looking forward to your valuable feedback in the comments section!!!

  • To submit questions in the respective Q&A area of this topic please click on .