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What is the check tool?

As the name suggests, we have this tool in SF which is used to find potential problems and check the errors faced in our day to day configurations in the system. This works as a spy tool which identifies the error and the guide with solution in the configuration

What does it do?

Sometimes the system does not behave as expected. Then there could be two cases. Either there is an issue with the configuration which could be some required part config is missing, or it's been wrongly configured. Another case could be the data inconsistency.  In both these cases, it's very much time consuming if you start checking every configuration under that functionality. Here comes the role of check tool which is not only helps you to find the issue but also aids in fixing it by analyzing the severity of it & providing the possible solutions.

Who can use the check tool?

It was earlier confined to only Employee central module, but now it’s available for more modules/applications. Check tool is available in all the SF instances through Admin Center. All you need is grant the permission to use it. Check tool permission can be granted "manage permission roles" through the admin center. This is primarily for consultants and super admins.

How does it work?

As already mentioned, this is universal. If you have the permission, you are good to go. J Type check tool in the search option.

It looks like the screenshot given below.


  • On the top left corner, you can see application field which allows you to choose the application this tool has to be run for. You can select EC Core or Time off or time sheet or benefits management or anything you can see in the drop-down.

For Ex: Here I have chosen time sheet.


  •  Once you select the object, you can see the no of checks to be run. You can select multiple     applications to be run simultaneously.


Here under time sheet, there are 14 objects to be checked. Click on run checks, and it'll start              doing its work.


   What result is displayed?

Once the check tool run is completed, it displays the result in the results field as shown in the             screenshot. It could be either successful or warning or error message.

  • It displays the no of warning messages if any. These messages are not harmful and can be ignored. You can, however, check the details of the warning messages and take some action in future if required.

  • It displays no of error messages if any. Error messages are considered harmful, and hence immediate action would be required.

  • If there are no errors, it shows the message "successful." No action would be required here.

  • The checking tool not only displays the messages but also gives the details of the error or warning and provides with the solution where we need to make the changes.

  • Just expand the item for which check has been run. You can see exactly under which object issues are found.

  • Once you click on issues, it ‘ll take you to the detailed results screen where you can see the detailing of the error and the action to be taken suggested by the tool.





With the functionalities as mentioned above, its proved to be a helping tool for the consultants.           Result can also be exported the results if needed.