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Hello All,

I believe every implementation partner or the report developer(s) might have come across the request to change the Learning reports’ table background colors in all standard reports based on the customer’s company color coding. What’s our first option, oh! no, we only have one option to customize the LMS reports and that is Plateau Report Designer. That’s right.

The next bigger question is “HOW?”

Well, SuccessFactors support guides us on how to apply the customer logo to all reports, but no instructions available to change the color in all the reports. However, following the same footsteps, I explored and figured out how to apply customer themes/colors to all reports effortlessly.

So, here are the steps

  1. Login to SuccessFactors Learning Management System as the Admin with the Report Developer role

  2. Navigate to Report

  3. Click on Export Report Library on the top right corner of the screen.

  4. You will be directed to the Report Library Export screen

  5. Select PlateauThemes and type a name for the export as shown on the below screen.

  6. Open Plateau Report Designer tool.

  7. Open the downloaded report designer

  8. Open the outline window and expand the Plateau_stylesheet from the Themes and change the background colour of the below listed fields.

  9. tableHeaderColor

  10. After the colours are updated, Save and Export the

  11. Login back to SuccessFactors Learning Management System as the Admin with Report Developer role

  12. Navigate to Report

  13. Click on Import on the top right corner of the screen.

  14. Browse the updated file, Click on Select

  15. Select the checkbox to overwrite the Theme

  16. Click on Import

And that’s it, your new theme is applied to all the reports.

Standard LMS Report Theme in Item Data Report.


After the new Theme is imported - The theme in Item Data Report looks like

I hope this article is helpful and eases all the painful procedures of updating hundreds of report colors one by one.



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