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SAP Successfactors Learning Management System (SF LMS):

Hi Friends,

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2018 !!

In this blog, I am going to discuss about the changes to the user’s information post enrolment, before and after the 1st and 2nd approval steps of the approval process of scheduled offering (Instructor Led Course). The change is confined to the Cost Center (account code).

I have listed down the details with screenshots for quick reference:

Below are the steps which are followed to arrive at which cost center is shown against the user's enrolment in Scheduled Offering:

1.Uses registered for a Scheduled Offering. The User's Account Code at the time of registration is 399. This can be seen by going to User - Related Area -- Click on More -- Click on Account Code -- Account ID.

2. User Registration Screen

3. The Account ID is highlighted here by default. Since the Account ID is maintained in the User's Account and also the Item has the chargeback purchasing option as charge to Buyer's Authorised Account Code.

4. The Approval process has two steps: Line Manager & Budget Holder. Before the approval of the the 1st step of approval i.e. Line Manager, the user's account id is updated / changed to 3BD.

Since the BizX and LMS are integrated in our customer's instance, whenever the change happens to employee's cost center in EC - this gets updated to LMS via Provisioning Job (Employee Export to LMS) and the same gets fed in LMS by the User Connector -SF Connector Job.

5. Now, the Line Manager approves the request. The User's Account ID is 3BD at the time of approval.

6. After the Line Manager's approval, the user's cost center has been again changed.                         The New Cost Center updated is 3EC.

7. Now, the 2nd step of approval is completed i.e. Budget Holder's approval.

To Summarise, below are the account id / cost centers which the user has been updated with:

  1. At the time of Registration - 399.

  2. Before the 1st step (Line Manager's) of approval - 3BD.

  3. Before the 2nd Step of approval - 3EC.

Now that the approval process is completed and the user is enrolled for the scheduled offering.

The Admin should be able to see which cost center is shown up against the user's enrolment.

Since the cost center has changed multiple times, we would not be able to know the exact answer until we test it and this was one of the scenarios where this kind of question was asked by the business and i had no answer on tip of my tongue and hence had to test this scenario. I think most of the consultants / admins would face this issue and before they come to conclusion this whole exercise would be of great help.

This check can be done through the Financial Transactions tab under Commerce or by running the Financial Transactions CSV Report.

Search for the User's Scheduled Offering transaction with the Transaction Type PURCHASE and click on View Details under Account Codes Column.

The Account Code / Cost Center is the same which was user's registered cost center at the time of registration or submission of interest to attend the scheduled offering. Here, it is 399.

Go to Reports - FInancial Transaction CSV Report and run report for this scheduled offering.

Please find the output below.


I hope this blog would be of help to the consultants / administrators.

Please let me know if you need any clarifications or anything which needs re-look in from my end.


Vinay Potdar.