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Added to the SF LMS in Q2 2016, this functionality is not extremely new, however, documentation showing the end to end process is limited. If you need any additional information / feel that something is missing please add a comment below to start a discussion around this.

The following notifications have been updated to include the cancellation reason information:

  • System Un-registration Notification

  • Registration

The following report has been updated to include the cancelation reason information:

  • Registration Status

Cancellation Reasons - Admin Facing

Reference Value Configuration

Cancellation reasons are set at the system level and are configured in References > Learning > Cancellation Reasons

Add New Cancellation Reasons:

Populate Reason ID and Description:

Description Localization:

Sample Cancellation Reason Values:

System Default Setting (System Admin > Configuration > Registration Settings):

If the system default is set to 'Yes', this will be set automatically when creating a scheduled offering from an item.

If the system default is set to 'No', you are still able to "Override" it by manually changing it after creating the scheduled offering.


Cancellation Reasons - User Facing

If a user has self-registered into an offering where cancellation reasons has been configured, they will go through the process outlined below to submit their cancellation reason to the course administrator.

User selects 'Withdraw' from course menu on learning plan:

User selects 'Yes':

Depending on the scenario, the user may select either 'No' or 'Yes'. This does not affect the cancellation reason process.

User selected cancellation reason from the dropdown menu and Submits the reason:


Cancellation Reasons - Reporting

Once the cancellation reason has been selected and submitted by the user, it is able to be reported from the system by using the registration status report. Note that the standard system report only pulls in the ID of the cancellation reason (this should be taken into consideration when creating the reason ID's / descriptions).

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