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Calculated fields provide a very powerful feature in Performance and Goal Management (PMGM) module.

The PMGM module comes with a set of generic goal plans in DEMO INSTANCES.

The ‘Goal Plan with Metric Table’ already has a calculated field, which auto-populates based on the value of the field provided.

Figure 1: To access the goal plans from Front end: Admin Center > Manage Template > Objective Plan

Note: Make sure you Uncheck the 'Show Active templates only' to show ALL the Goal Plans.

Goal Plan: Goal Plan with Metric Table

In the front end (Instance), the 'Forecast' field is a calculated field, which auto-populates based on the values provided in the field named ‘Actual’ – Actual Percent of work done.

Figure 2: Accessing Goals: Module Tab > Objective > Select goal Plan associated with the employee from the goal drop down

Figure 3: Adding an Objective with Calculated Fields

Backend Configuration

The goal plan can be configured via XML file, that needs to be download from the Provisioning (backend).

Figure 4: XML Coding for the calculated field - Here we are using a field called ‘Forecast’, that calculates the success rate based on the start date, end date and days to perform the task.

Note: Customers do not have Provisioning Access. Consult an SAP SuccessFactors this configuration. Goal Plan can only be configured via XML, only sections can be added from the instance via Admin center > Manage Templates (Front-end)

Linking Goal to Performance Form

The goal can then be added to the performance form and the calculated fields can be seen:

Figure 5: Go to Performance -> Inbox -> Click on Form title

Use case

To create an Annual Evaluation form for a recruiter that is based on his/her hiring goal, for ex: improvement or maintained the hiring cycle.

The hiring cycle is defined by a score which is in turn measured by comparing the factor generated by calculating # of days and # of hires with a metric table.

Creating an Employee's goal that aligns/ supports Strategic Goal: for ex: increasing employee engagement by defining a calculator that will calculate the run rate for a goal. Actual / (today - start date) represented in months

Figure 6: XML Code that defines the run rate for a goal