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Business Scenario: In Employee Central it’s very common business requirement that during hiring based on some org data (Like Company, Business Unit, Division etc.) we have to automatically save the HR Manager or any other Manager in Job Relationships portlet. Also, if there is any re-org of existing employee then system should automatically save the Job Relationships information for employee.

In case if we are not using position management, In standard SuccessFactors it’s not very straight forward to save data in the Job relationship portlet dynamically. Let’s see how we can fulfill the requirement with the use of SF standard provided tools.

Let’s take a live example where Business wants to default HR Manager based on employee’s Company, Business Unit & Division.

Configuration Steps:

Step 1: Create a MDF Object with Four Fields (Company, Business Unit, Division & User). Use the proper data types for all the fields.

 Step 2: Create 2 different business rules. One rule to default the Job Relationship during hiring (dummy value) & the 2nd rule to save the Job Relationship with proper actual value (based on MDF object entry).

Sample Rule 1: Without defaulting any value in the Job Relationship portlet, the save rule does not work. During defaulting the value we don’t have full information of org data, that’s why we are defaulting the Login user as HR Manager but after saving new hire data system will populate the actual HR Manager as per the MDF entry.

Sample Rule 2: To Save the Job Relationship with correct value. This rule gets triggered on save of employee data.In this rule we are reading the mapped data from the MDF.

Step 3: Attach the rule in Manage Business Configuration.

Now we are ready to go & Let’s do a testing.

Sample table entry for MDF: We must keep in mind that for User field in the MDF we need to provide the value of person-id-external field of Biographical Info portlet.

Sample Entry 1:

Employee with Person ID External 101010.

Sample Entry 2:

Employee with Person ID External 101019

Let’s do a new hire:

During hiring (data is still not saved) system defaults the HR manager as the login user.

But after saving the New Hire data in system the actual HR Manager is updated based on Company, Business Unit & Division combination.

Test Employee Record:


HR Manager saved as per the MDF entry ( Sample Entry 1)

Let’s change the Org Data of employee. Moving the employee from Manufacturing Division to Development Division.

Employee New Org Structure:

Employees New HR Manager ( As per sample MDF entry 2)

The solution works fine if there is no workflow attached during the save of job information data. In Case if we are using position management the above-mentioned requirement becomes as a part of standard delivered position management solution. The same has been mentioned in position management implementation guide book.

Position Management implementation guide book detail for this scenario:



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