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Hello Everyone,


Set up payment information in your system.

There are different ways to set up Payment Information. For new customers, there is one standard set up in the first list item below. Existing customers have three possible set up methods. Check the list item headings in bold below to find the set-up method that works for you.

  • New Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll customer

  • Existing Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll customer without Direct Deposit

  • Existing Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll customer with Direct Deposit

  • Existing Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll customer with configured Payment Information

Business Scenarios-

  1. Amount and Percent both should not be modified - only 1 can be modified

  2. And only whole numbers can be entered on Percent Field

  3. Default Checking in Account Type(USA)

  4. Hide IBAN and BIC while selecting South Africa as Job Country

Scenario 1:- Create two fields in Object definition

Create a Business Rule with a Message definition(Manage data) to maintain only one between Amount and percent field in Payment information (Error Message: Amount and Percent Both Cannot be maintained, only one value is applicable)

Assign the same on Payment information details(Configure object definition) under validate rules

Scenario 2:-Create a business Rule to validate percent filed with Percentage value (not allowed to use whole numbers) and create a message definition with Error message: No decimal Value in Percent

Assign the same rule in Payment information details under validation rules

Scenario 3:- Create a Business rule to default account type USA as Checking ,but can be editable

Assign the Rule on Payment methods field under Payment information details


Scenario 4 :- Need to hide IBAN and Business identifier code for South Africa

Create a UI Rule on Payment information UI portlet

Assign the same on job country field on UI

Conclusion- Configuration of Basic standard rules used in Bank information (Payment information details) in employee Central. Based on amount and percent and default as some standard payment method or Account type on Job country wise.

Thanks .

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