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Hi Experts,

I would like to share my experience in writing Business rules in Onboarding 2.0 for custom data collection through this Blog.

Requirement: The simple requirement is store the New Hire Person ID External in Additional Onboarding data collection object.

This is very useful because, we can easily create report based on Person ID External and can easily compare with EC data.

Below are solution steps to achieve this.

Step1: Create Custom field in ONB Additional Data collection Object

Step2: Business rule to set PersonID  External to the custom field

Step3: Business rule Assignment to Additional Data collection Object

Step4: Testing/ Result


Step1: Custom field in ONB Additional Data collection Object

In Additional ONB Data collection Object please create custom field with data type as string. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Step2: Write Business rule to set this field with Person ID External

Please create business rule with base object as Custom data collection object and select the rule purpose as Evaluate.

Please check the below screenshot for your reference to write a business rule.

Step3: Business rule Assignment to Additional Data collection Object

Please assign the above business rule under On-save rules in your Data collection object. Please find the below screenshot, how to assign the business rule to the custom object.

Step4: Testing Result

Once Onbordee/ New-Hire update the information in Additional Onboarding data collection step, the business rule get executes and update the custom field with Person ID which is already generated in Onboarding process.

We can find the Person ID in Manage data. From Report center we can create reports to pull out this data with Employee code.

Please find the below screenshot from Manage data.



Hope you enjoyed this Blog. We can create business rules for different scenarios based on customer requirement to store data in CDC object. This will really help us to compare the data when Onboardee converted in to EC user.

Thank you so much.


Manjunath BK
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