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Introduction to SAP commissions

SAP commissions is a Sales Performance Management tool. It helps managers in large organizations automate the calculation and payment of the incentive compensation to its Sales force.

The center of Sales Performance management is Compensation plan. Compensation plan defines the set of business logic to calculate the comp­­­ensation pay-out for each payee. Payee and the Compensation plan is maintained by the administrator. A pipeline is defined and executed which uses the compensation plan to accurately calculate the compensation pay-out.

Sales to Incentive Payout process

Key benefits of SAP Commission:

  • Motivate Salesforce with accurate and on time Incentive Pay-out

  • Reduce payment errors, disputes and risk

  • Leverage analytics and AI capabilities for rich insights

Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions

Embedded analytics for SAP Commissions is implemented in SAP Analytics Cloud and provides tool to explore data, find insights and visualize Sales performance data in SAP commissions. With Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions, customers receive 13 out of the box standard/Stock Data Models and 23 stories built on these Stock Data Models.

Standard list can be checked in the link

Building Custom Model in Embedded Analytics Web IDE in SAP Commissions

Custom data models in SAP Commissions are built by creating SQL views in Web IDE.

Web IDE is a web-based interface used to manage data transformation in SAP Commissions HANA database. It can be used to modify the source data into required format using flow graph or build custom data model using SQL views.

SAP commission database has two default schemas EXT and TCMP. The custom data models that need to be exposed to embedded analytics in SAC should be in EXT schema.

For building custom data model following access is required

  • SAP commission tenant details for Web IDE

  • Read/write access for EXT schema, read access for TCMP schema

  • user credentials for Embedded Analytics for SAP Commission

Following is a sample SQL view

Sample SQL View

Complex logic can be implemented by creating a procedure written to a table in EXT schema. Procedure can be scheduled to run using pipeline.

CSN File Update

Custom data model is exposed to Embedded Analytics SAC by creating a CSN file. The CSN file is a JSON format that defines the metadata necessary for the physical tables and views. These tables and views are exposed in the Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions UI.

CSN file is deployed to Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions UI by creating a ticket with SAP support. Once deployed data model is available in Embedded SAC for building stories.

Below condition must be followed while creating CSN file

  • Context in CSN file must be set to EXT.

  • CSN file must have at least one measure.

  • @Common.Label annotation name must match the model name specified during support ticket creation.

  • @Common.Label annotation must be before @analytics.query annotation.

Following is a Sample CSN file

Sample CSN file


In conclusion, custom data model in Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions is built by creating SQL view in Web ide, exposing the view by creating CSN file and deploying by creating SAP support ticket.

Further Reading and Reference

More information on SAP commissions can be found in below links


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