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This document is a step-by-step guide for implementing the Sterling Talent Solutions SuccessFactors (SF) background check integration which utilizes the SF OData API and Integration Center.

Integration Overview- Technical

1. Recruiter initiates background check.
2. SuccessFactors establishes a connection.n with the server URL configured in the Destination Settings in the Integration Center
3. If connection is successful, SuccessFactors inserts a record into the JobApplicationBackgroundCheckRequest entity with orderStatus = OK, else orderStatus = ERROR.
4. Integration Center performs a query against the JobApplicationBackgroundCheckRequest entity and sends the JSON payload to Sterling.
5. Sterling receives request and if successful, provides the vendorOrderNo, responseCode, and responseDetails within the JSON response.
6. Integration Center updates the JobApplicationBackgroundCheckRequest object with the vendorOrderNo, responseCode, and responseDetails as part of the synchronous JSON response.
7. Sterling will insert rows into the JobApplicationBackgroundCheckResult entity for Order Confirmation.
8. Once the background check has been completed, Sterling will insert a final record into the JobApplicationBackgroundCheckResult with the reportUrl.
9. Recruiter can click on the View Report hyperlink in the Background Check section to view the results hosted by Sterling.

Integration Overview- Functional

SuccessFactors sends all available candidate data to Sterling. Any missing information is collected via the BackCheck Candidate Portal.

1. Candidate provides information via SuccessFactors job application.
2. SuccessFactors user initiates a background check.
3. Sterling sends a ‘ticket’ email invitation to the candidate to register and log into the Sterling candidate portal. Candidate electronically signs required consent and disclosure forms, confirms pre-populated details, and provides any missing information required for the background check.
4. Results are sent back to SuccessFactors.
5. The “View Report” URL can be used to view the detailed results hosted by Sterling.


Monitoring Integrations

For self-service troubleshooting there are a few options within SuccessFactors.

In Integration Center, you can select Monitor Integrations.

Next to each process, you can click the arrow button to view any details.

Viewing OData API audit log

You can also search for the OData API Audit Log, which was enabled while setting up your company for integration in the Provisioning site. Here you can see even more detailed information about the transaction logs.

You can click the button in the HTTP Message column to view the headers and payloads for each event.


This short introduction of Sterling Background Check integration with SuccessFactors Recruiting Management will help you to explore in the section of "Enabling Background Checks with External Third-Party Vendors".
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