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This blog mentions the procedure to create a report to get the Competency average rating at the Legal Entity/Business Unit/Department/Section Level.

Average Competency Rating at Legal Entity/Business Unit/Department/Section Level:

Nowadays most companies are looking for competency ratings not only at the individual level but also at various organizational levels such as Legal Entity/Business Unit/Department/Section Level etc.

Below are the detailed steps to create an Adhoc Report to achieve average competency ratings at the department level:

  • Access Report Center: To access the SuccessFactors Report Center click on:


Report Center

  • Create New Adhoc Report: User can create a report using the below steps:

Home>Reporting>New>Table>Select>Select Domain (Single Domain)>360 Multi-Rater

Create New Adhoc Report

  • Enter Report Details under “General Info”

General Info tab

  • Select the “Report Scope” under the People Tab.

People Tab

  • Select “360 Multi-Rater Template” under the Data Sets tab.

Data Sets tab

  • Select “Report Columns” under the Columns tab.

Columns tab

Once the columns are selected for the report, the next major step is to group those columns to get the average competency rating.

Below are steps that need to be followed to group columns:

Adhoc Report>Columns Tab>Summary of Actions>Groups By

Groups By

Click on “Add another aggregate column” and select “Competency Rating”.

Add another aggregate column

Select “Avg” from the function field and click “Ok”.

Function field drop down

  • Set the “Filter” under the Filter tab for “Competency Rating”

Filter Tab

Filter Screen

  • Click on the “Preview” button to view the report preview before you “Save” or “Export” the report.

Report Preview

In the above screenshot, all competencies are visible along with the “Department name” and the “Average Rating” for each competency at the department level.

Note: The same steps can be followed to generate a report to get competency average ratings at different organizational levels such as Legal Entity/Business Unit/Section Level etc.

Reference: All images are taken from SAP SuccessFactors Sales Demo with Dummy Data and SAP KBAs. 

Please feel free to provide your feedback or thoughts in the comments.
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