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Automate Absence creation from MDF or Any SF EC Portlet

I have seen some blogs are already there to capture the employee covid test result. Mainly MDF object has been used to capture the Covid Test Result. In this blog I am going to discuss how to integrate Time Off with the custom MDF for Covid Test Result. Not only MDF the mentioned solution can be used to create absence record from any SF EC standard portlet.

Sample MDF screen for any existing Covid Test Result:

Step 1: To do the automation of absence creation from the MDF we have to add two more fields in the existing object definition. One field for Time Off External Code & another field for Leave End Date. These fields will not be visible in the UI. These fields will be used in the back end for the time off data creation purpose only. Sample Fields are below.


Step 2: Create a business rule to update these field values. Sample Business Rule below.

Step 3: Add the rule at Save Rules of the MDF object.

Step 4: Create an Integration from Integration center to update Absence detail from the custom Covid Test Result MDF. Here we are hard coding the Approval Status (as APPROVED) & the Time Type (Time type needs to be created first & assignation needs to be done to the appropriate Time Profile of Employee). Sample Integration below.

Step 5: Add the filter detail. You can design the filter as per your need.

Step 6: Schedule the integration as per business need.

All Set. Let’s Test it.

Employee/HR is updating the Covid test result MDF from People Profile. Here Leave start date is Hospitalization/ Home Isolation Start Date & there is a dedicated field for number of leave days.

Data Saved. UI View from People Profile.

In the back end 2 field values (Time Off External Code & Leave end date) are populated through the rule. For the external code I have used Employee ID then _ & then Employee First Name. You can decide your own. Sample screen from Manage Data UI. Also "Generate external code for Time Off" function can be used to generate auto generated code.

Now after running the integration job from integration center in the background, automatically absence is created for the employee. Sample Screen Leave Screen below.


Here after updating the absence data from integration center if the MDF record is changed then it will overwrite the existing leave data which is one of the advantage of this method.

Kindly Note there is off cycle event batch functionality in Time Off which can be one of the alternative solution of the above mentioned approach.

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