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Hi All,

In this new blog, I will be presenting a new requirement that I have received recently from my client on how to auto enable a new benefit type which will allow the employees to claim post their initial entitlement has been exhausted.

We have the standard option to enable a particular benefit type to allow the employee to claim in excess of the entitlement amount but that is for only once. Here the requirement is the employee can apply for the excess amount multiple times in a year and there is no upper limit for the amount to be claimed in excess but the entitlement amount is as per approved and every approved claim amount accumulates the total entitlement amount. Hence, the entitlement amount differs from employee to employee.


To meet this requirement we need to work mainly in the MDF named Benefit Claim Accumulation and the Eligibility Rule of the Excess Benefit Type which will be used by the employee to claim the excess the amount.

Firstly, we need to create the new Excess Benefit Type in Benefits Admin Overview:


To make the system identify the employee has exhausted the initial entitlement amount, we have created a custom field which gets auto updated with value X when the remaining balance is set to 0 post the designed approvals in the Benefit Claim Accumulation via Business Rule. The rule is present in Save Rules.



Now, we need to update the Eligibility Rule of the Excess Benefit type to make it auto appear in the employee's My Benefits section. The entitlement amount has been set to -1 which will give the employee Unlimited Balance.

Now if we go to the employee's profile, we can see how it appears:

Initial Entitlement has balance left for the employee to claim hence we can't see any excess benefit to claim:

Initial Entitlement has been exhausted for the employee to claim but not yet approved hence we can't see any excess benefit to claim:

Now when Initial Entitlement has been exhausted for the employee to claim and the same has been approved hence we can see excess benefit to be claimed:

Thank you for reading this piece and any type of feedback will be appreciated.





Abhishek M



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