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Are you still on PM v11/PM v12 version of Performance Management in SuccessFactors?   

Then,It is right time to upgrade to PMv12 Acceleration...



Are you running Performance Appraisal Forms in v11 version in your SuccessFactors system?  Then it is the right time to upgrade your forms to Performance Management to v12 Accelaration as soon as possible.

This is mandatory now because the maintenance of PM Forms in v11 was ended by Q2 2018 and the same forms will reach with end of life by Q2 2019.

You may be considering this upgrade as medium priority since you may have high priority things to do.

I feel this is the right time to intiate the process as you have lot of advantages in upgrading the templates to PMv12A version.  Here are some of the features more beneficial to Employee and Manager in PMv12A.

  • It is Fiori inspired Design

  • Add Attachments

  • Mobile readiness

  • Team Overview

  • Ask for Feedback

  • Auto Save Option

  • Data Privacy Regulation Compliance

  • Confinuous Performance Integration

Team Overview – Managers feels excited with New Overview Page Design in PMv12A version.  It is mainly useful for Manager to manage their Performance review process.  It also displays Team Analytics

  • It improves Manager’s understanding of PM Process in the way by addressing “What to do next” problem and maintain Emplooyee – Manager Collaboration

  • It provides one stop-summary for Performance Appraisal Review of all Reports

Add Attachments –  User can attach multiple supporting document and also maintain notes either from Employee Profile or by “Add Notes” from TAKE ACTION in JOB INFORMATION

Auto Save Option

Get Feedback This feature allows a rater to send entire form to someone outside the route map for ratings and comments

Ask for Feedback  This feature allows to get comments from different users upto 30 via email which provides manager to get multi-perspective set of feedback for more balanced review


Following are few suggestions when you migrate template from PMv11 to PM v12A

  • This is the right time to review and change your Performance Management process as per your organizational change by considering every aspect of your performance cycle

  • You may also need to plan for different levels of training to the users through Change Management about new templates and features incorporated in PM v12A version

  • When you migrate to PM v12A, new template gets created and it impacts Scheduled Forms, automated Jobs, custom reports, custom exports, dashboard/repots, compensation form, goal plans which are linked to PMv11. So, please make sure that you are considering and validating these activities well in advance

Very Important Point

** Once you upgraded to PM v12A, we cannot go back to old version PMv11/PMv12**

Permissions at Template Level in PMv12A

PMv12A controls permission for the following types in PM form

  • Section

  • Button

  • Action

  • Field



Set Permission on


Enabled/Hidden/Disabled Roles/ Route Steps


None/Read/Write Section Comments/Manual Overall Rating/Calculated Overall Rating/Weighted Average


Enabled/None Roles/ Route Steps


Enabled/None Button Names – Reject, Finalise Form, Sign, Overall Score, Gap Analysis, Incomplete Items, Team Ranker, Supporting Information, Send to Previous Step, Delete Form, Get Comments, Get Edits

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