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After my recent successful demo on CPM functionality to one of my client, i thought of restructuring the complete process pertinent to module’s capability and publish via this blog so that others may be benefited.


What is Continuous Performance Management (CPM)

In this agile world, enterprises are trying to become technological companies rather unnecessary engagement with their existing implemented system and human capital plays a essential role to achieve this but when employees’ performance evaluation process comes on board, it indeed becomes hectic for HR admin.

Here SAP identified this and suggested innovative solution entitled as CPM, part of the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals module and exceptional adoption of this functionality proves how company’s yearly/legacy performance evaluation system is dying a slow death because of various reasons like-

  • Process is cumbersome,

  • Less employee engagement,

  • Inclination of Prejudice factor in the performance evaluation process etc.

Note- In CPM, recent changes (H1-2020) have been released by SAP with limited functionality (unavailability of Feedback feature) so i am still showing old layout, features based on existing structure, however i still tried to capture recent release in later slides.

Common used terminology in ‘Continuous Performance Management’ (CPM)

  • Activity- refers to keep a track of the items you are working on.

  • Achievements- The achievements you add may or may not have any relationship to your activities. For example, you may volunteer to do something as part of a corporate initiative around volunteerism, or you might have stepped in at the last minute to close a sales deal. Such participation may not be noted as an activity, but it certainly can count as an achievement.

  • Coaching-Timely guidance and feedback from managers can greatly improve the performance of employees.

  • Feedback- can be requested to any employee or Manager on an Activity/Achievements.

  • Topics- are the agenda which need to be discussed during 1:1 EE & Mgr meet, topics may or may not be linked with Activity

  • Capture Meeting- Once 1:1 meeting between EE & Mgr is concluded then either of them can capture meeting, which will be archived for future reference.

Illustration on CPM process

  • Employee Action

How CPM should work from Manager side!

SAP SuccessFactors What's New- H1-2020

Conclusion- Due to module agility, CPM seems interesting tool to my client stakeholders and they are ready to adopt the functionality with great happiness. Employees are working on the Activities and try to convert those activities as Achievement with the help of Manager coaching/feedback.

It is easy for Manages also to concentrate on certain Activities at a time, that is why they are also more interested in interaction with their DRs and give quality time to them to achieve organizational Achievement and further goals.


Improvement idea in CPM during H1’2020

I have also submitted an Enhancement Request related to CPM functionality.

Hope you find this blog useful.


Thank you,

Amit Tiwari
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