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This article will cover the following topics

  • Overview of Analytics in Employee Central

  • Enabling Analytics

  • Insights Panel - The Power tool

  • How to get the most of this feature!

  • Analytics in Employee Central Vs Workforce Analytics

Overview of Analytics in Employee Central

Analytics in EC is out of the box implementation of Analytics running on EC data. It is one of the newest user assistance update, released in Q3 2017. This feature is currently in beta and will be made available to the customers in Q2 2018.

Analytics in EC can prove one of the powerful tools to provide workforce insights using metrics selected specifically for Employee Central. It is using a selection of metrics from best practice library. It is implemented on the Workforce Analytics on HANA Engine. It is included in the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central license and can be used as a starting point for a full WFA on HANA implementation which will allow for customization and access to additional metrics.

Analytics in EC comes with standard metrics and is categorized into Table 1. The grouping of metrics doesn’t effect on how it's used in reporting. It is viewed in EC via homepage tiles and Insights panel. Any metrics that are not applicable to the instance can be hidden from users via RBP.

Table 1: Types of measures available in Analytics in EC


  • EC Advance reporting enabled

  • RBP using WFA Permissions framework from the WFA Admin menu: Analytics in EC doesn’t yet support integration with SuccessFactors RBP.Access WFA Admin menu from report center in the following way.

Report > Report Center

New > Report Canvass > Select > Click ‘Admin’ menu

  • No pre- existing Workforce Analytics implementation required.

Enabling Analytics in Employee Central

In some instances, it's automatically updated. If it isn’t, it can be easily enabled from the Upgrade Center.

-         Admin Center > Upgrade center > Filter by ‘Analytics’

-         Go to Optional upgrade > Analytics in EC > click on Upgrade now

Insights Panel - The Power tool

The insights panel looks very promising, especially for recruiting and performance module.


Insight panel can provide an overview of Employee Referral Status, Offer Acceptance Status and Candidate pipeline.

Figure: Insights tool

Figure: Insights tool showing Candidate pipeline

One can click on the chart to find a detailed report, which can be downloaded in CSV and excel format.


Many useful metrics are available that can be used in visualization. For example, strongest competencies can be a useful graph to get an overall idea of workforce competencies. It shows the rating for each competency.

Figure: Insights tool showing Strongest competencies in Performance

Get the most of the Analytics in EC - Insights Panel!

You can add new tiles to each module via manage insight. For example, in the org chart, you can display termination rate of the company and add quick links for easy maneuver.

To turn on /off and to add tiles do to Admin > Manage Insights.

Figure: Manage Insights

Add the tiles to view in insight panel > Save

Figure: New tile - Termination rate in org chart insight

Get the most of the Analytics in EC - Dashboard!

Go to admin > manage home page

Go to tile catalog and search for the tile(s) you want to view in homepage > select move to Default > Save

Figure: Assigning new tile in the Homepage

Figure: New tile - Headcount by Gender in Homepage

Analytics in Employee Central vs Workforce Analytics

Table: Comparision between Analytics in EC vs Workforce Analytics

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