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In this blog, I would like to introduce the automatic alerts for payment information when employee fails to provide the payment details. In this process, we will not change the existing configuration such as rules, field details and permissions in the Payment information and details object.

The following steps has been taken in order to achieve this configuration

  • Custom MDF objects (Lookup table)

  • Business rules

  • Integration Center - Job

Custom MDF Objects (Lookup table)

Create a custom MDF object > Configure Object definition > Create New

Basic Configurations in Object Definition

Code PaymentInformationCheck
Effective dating None
API Visibility Editable
Label Payment Information Check

You can use the default settings for the rest of the configuration.

Object Definition

Field details

ID Date type Visibility Label
externalCode User Read only Employee
externalName Boolean Read only Is Payment Information exits?

Field details


The object will not be shown in employee profile, so we are not securing it.


Business rules

Create the business rules: Configure Business Rules > Create New Rule > Rules for MDF Based Objects >

Rule 01

Base Object Payment Information Check
Purpose Evaluate

The below rule pulls employee payment information and brings it to the custom MDF (Payment Information Check)

This rule which fetch the Payment information exist data.

Rule 02

Base Object Payment Information Check
Purpose Alert

In this rule, the alerts will be triggered for employees without payment information.

  • Alert Message

Manage data - Create New - Alert Message

  • Workflow

Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structure - Create New - Workflow

  • Rule

The rule triggers alerts when an employee does not maintain payment information

Attach both the rules on the Payment Information Check object.

Attach these two rules on the Payment Information Check (Onsave)

Integration Center - Job

Create a Integration Center - Job using below steps:

Go to Integration Center ==> My Integrations ==> Create ==> More Integration Types

Step: 1 - Go to Integration Center

Step:2 Choose Integration Types

Step:3 Select the Source Object

Step:4 Options

Step:5 Configure Fields

Step:6 Destination Object

Step:7 Adding the Destination Object

Step: 8, 9 Mapping the Source and Destination Object

Step:10 Scheduling

Step: 11 Save and Exit



There will be alerts and notifications sent to the Employee after the successful completion of the Integration job run.

  • You can check the payment information exist data in the "Manage Data > Payment Information Check".

Manage Data - Payment Information Check

  • Employees will be notified through the To-do Alerts on the Home Page.

Home Page - To-do Alerts

  • Employees will be notified via Mail notification.

Email Notifications


As a result of reading this blog, you will be able to create the non-effective dated MDF object and Integration Center job. You will be able to gain a better understanding of how to extract data from one MDF and post it to another MDF using the Integration Center job.

Using the same logic, you can also trigger alerts and notifications for portlets such as National ID information.
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