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Trying to understand the Query creation in ORD (Advanced Reporting )  ? then here you go with detailed information on it which will give you perfect understanding to reports in ORD.As of now this contains Creating query in Advanced reporting (Part-1) ….soon Creating query in Deatiled reporting (Part-2 ) will be published .

Report Center :

Report Center simplifies the usage of SuccessFactors Reporting Tools by providing access to reports from one place.The Online Report Designer (ORD) is an embedded reporting tool in SAP SuccessFactors. It’s part of the SuccessFactors Foundation package and is available for every customer no matter which modules you have purchased.

Embedded Analytics = formerly Reporting (Ad-Hoc, BIRT, Tiles/Dashboard and ORD)

Extended Analytics = formerly Analytics and Planning (WFA and WFP)


Let us start with Canvas report enabling .

Import Report definition :

To import a Report – Canvas, enable the Report Canvas Designer or Report Canvas Designer Admin permission.

Go to Reporting from the main navigation menu ---->The Report Center page opens.

Click Import--->Import report definition dialog opens.

1.Enter the report name.

2.Enter the description.

Click Browse and locate the file.

Click Import in the Import report definition dialog and then click Close.

The imported report definition is available in the Report Center list.


Canvas Report

Canvas report can be presented in table, and chart styles, and pivot dataReports can be exported as power point, pdf, word, or excel spreadsheets.

Canvas Reports can be used to easily drag & drop components onto a report page, these components can include Tables, Charts, Images or Text.


Two types of Reporting in Canvas reports

a)Advanced Reporting : A query design tool that allows you to create queries from Employee Central Advanced Reporting data

b)Detailed Reporting : A query design tool that allows you to create queries from Report - Table data

Creating queries -Advanced Reporting :

After selecting Canvas report then name the report .Then try to click on menu to get the options on choosing what kind of report you are expecting as output (Charts,Tables,Texts,Inages).

Now try to drag the component you choose on the page and then Edit the component's Query.If required query is not created before ,select "New Query".

Choose "Advanced Reporting ".

Initial Screen of query :

As an example now Let us pull "Dependents Information " for  advanced reporting .

So we need to select "Person" in the drop of "What would you like to report on ".From that select the values and its relation for Dependents .Selecting "Person" gives the personal information details and their relationships .

Drag the fields which are needed for the reporting of dependents information.

On the right Corner there will be an option to edit the table which will give possibility to add other fields needed for the employee information on table as shown below.

Here we need to get the information related dependents from the employee personal information .Choose the right " >" then scroll down to dependents information .Same as we choose fields from Personal information now choose the fields from dependents .

Then the below one the visual view of the objects .

For dependents personal information now again choose ">" form the dependents right side. Here the choose the fields such as Dependents First name ,Dependents Last Name ,Dependents Date of Birth .Now this gives a clear view of the tables forming the query to get the related information from employee's Dependents.

Now just click on "Results " which will show the results for the prepared query from the tables.

A Excel file can be downloaded when we choose the Excel icon on the results page or the query can be saved and results will be showed on the page that components are dragged into .

Now we are done with creating an Advanced Reports .

Part 2: Creating queries in Detailed Reporting(Coming Soon)



Online Report Designer is a great tool and  It closes the gap of cross-domain reporting when compared with the Ad hoc Reporting and it also offers a wide range of visual options.Hope the future enhancements will be more to adopt the cross domain reporting  along with Employee Central Successfactors.

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