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It is possible to include a link to People Profile blocks (portlet) in forms. When clicking on the link, the user will be able to view and edit People Profile information while staying in their form. This can be very useful as, we can now encourage employees, managers or other members of a form route map to do some data entry (or data review) in People Profile while doing another process. Any system relies on capturing data and keeping it up to date and therefore adding People Profile links in forms could be very valuable for companies. I see very good use cases for this feature in the annual performance process. For example, it is possible to:

  • Ask employees to fill/review background portlet information while doing their performance assessment

  • Ask managers to review the succession talent flags their employee’s performance assessment

  • Let employee and manager view some useful people profile information when in the performance form

Let see what it looks like. As per pictures below, a Talent Information link was added in the Performance/Potential section of the performance form. When the manager clicks on the link, the manager stays in the performance form and he's prompted the Talent Information block from People Profile which he can now update.

Once save, the information is up to date in People Profile:

Please note that, this feature is limited to the following block type:

  • User info

  • Background portlet

  • MDF portlet

  • Badge

  • Tags

  • Position portlet

  • ScoreCard Successor Portlet

  • Performance-Potential Matrix Grid Placement

  • Development Objectives Portlet

  • Curricula

  • Learning History

  • Calibration History Portlet


Adding a link to a People Profile block in a form is very easy. First, we will need to go in Configure People Profile and select the block we want to link to identify the Block ID and Block type. This information is available in the block panel on the right once a block is selected:

The next step is to add the link in the form section. For our example, we will add the link in the Performance/Potential Section, reminding manager to update their employee’s Talent Information during the manager assessment of the Performance Process. To add a link, we need to use the following tag: [[BLOCKLINK||blockID|blockType|TextToDisplay]], where blockID and blockType are the two information we identified in the previous step and TextToDisplay is the link’s name we will see on the form:

Now, launch the form and test your newly created link!

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