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Most of the Successfactors consultants working on Employee Profile might have faced or might be confused how to add additional Employee Profile fields as it consists only 15 custom fields which Successfactors has provided.

In Manage Business Configuration, all 15 custom fields under "Standard" have been used.

However, the business request still needs additional custom fields. How to add additional employee profilefields?


In Brief:

  1. Go to Manage Business Configuration

  2. Click Employee Profile - Standard

All 15 custom fields under "Standard" have been used.





Step 1: Go to Manage Business Configuration Employee Profile > User Info > Create New

The new fields under "User Info" have the same behavior as the 15 custom fields under "Standard".


Step 2:  Employee Profile >View Template > sysUserDirectorySetting, click on "Details"



Step 3: Find "Userinfo Element", and add the new field




Step 4: Go to Manage People Profile

Add the new field in "Personal Information" block



Step 5: Go to Manage Permission Roles

Select a permission role >permission.. >Employee Data >grant edit permission



So finally additional Employee Profile field is created for use.


Hope this was helpful.


Thanks a lot.



Venkata Subbarao Pathangi

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