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Greetings All,


A client requested for a new time type to be created. However there was a special requirement that when this time type was selected the employee had to provide a reason to requesting this absence.

Initially the thought was to add a custom comment field, however this would cause issues, such as typos, inputting a comment which it not what the company wanted, etc.

The following steps were followed to create this requirement.

  1. Create the Time Account Type

  2. Create the Time Type

  3. Assign the Time Type to the Time Profile (This would be the last step, once the below config is completed)

Create a New Picklist in the Picklist Center (The values below was NOT required by the client and it is only created for this Demo).

After the Time Account Type and Time Type is created. Go to Object Definitions > Employee Time > Take Action > Make Correction.

Add a custom field > select picklist as the data type.

Click on details and input the following fields.

Remember to add the label you want to display.

On the Field Id enter timeType.externalCode

On the Condition Value enter the external code of the time type. In this case it will be OtherTimeOff

Click on Done and Save.

Run the Time Off Calendar to create the Time Account and the Accrual.

The employee will click on the Request Time Off tile on the homepage.

The Required picklist value does not reflect for other time types:


When the employee selects the time type "Other Time Off", the picklist value becomes available.


Once the required reason is selected the Submit button becomes available to click on.


I trust the above will assist when a custom value is required for Time Off and the Company wants to have clean data to report on.


Thanking you

Ashish Bhoola


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