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Accessing SAP SuccessFactors through mobile is an interesting feature of the product. I learned about it lately while assisting my colleagues in preparing instruction manual for using Performance Management component.

As a Change Manager, I work with SAP Support Team and Business Process Owners to ensure any change in process, role and/or technology, which affects the organization, is communicated well to impacted people.

It was for the same reason that I asked the technical team, engaged in extending the mobile feature for yearly evaluation to managers, to see & update their training material from end-user (and not Consultant’s) perspective.

The content was excellent describing the steps for Managers to

  1. Select the performance reviews,

  2. Choose the assigned goals,

  3. Add the desired reviews,

  4. Rate the individual goals,

  5. Review overall performance,

  6. Provide their feedback, and

  7. Send the forms after Calibration.

However, an assumption that the end-users are already familiar with the basics and hence the user guide does not need any other thing other than the steps they need to perform certain transaction was made here. And it’s common and is often made by many Consultants who are proficient in their specific modular areas but not in technical writing. The pre-requisite knowledge

  • Either has to be referred, if it exists,

  • Or included if it’s not there.

I suggested and assisted my counterparts in creating the steps on how to access the application first which not only helped the audience but me who didn’t know the feature before and was always accessing my goals and other To Do things within SuccessFactors through desktop.

If you are required to write a user guide, I suggest you to read the tips I shared earlier at From a User “Misguide” to a “Guide”.

And if you don’t know, as I didn’t, how to access SAP SuccessFactors through mobile, follow the steps given below:

  1. From the Google Play (or Apple) store, search and download the SuccessFactors application.

  2. Once you have it on your mobile, while you open the app go to its desktop version.

  3. From the home screen, click options under your user name on upper left side of the screen.

  4. Choose Mobile from the options listed on left.

  5. You’ll have multiple options to set it up on your mobile device. I used (and therefore explaining) the “Activate via Camera”.

  6. When you open the app through mobile, you see different options to logon. Choose the QR Code option.

  7. Face the camera toward the QR Code shown on your desktop version.

  8. Once it’s scanned you’ll be directed to accept certain terms. Read them through and if you agree select those and choose to Agree.

You should now be able to access your profile and other features supported by your organization.

A disclaimer: The steps I have mentioned are based on my experience and may differ in your scenario, depending on how your organization uses the SAP’s cloud HR solution.

I hope the above, tutorial on accessing the SAP SuccessFactors through mobile and tips on technical writing, is helpful. Do you have any comment? Please share.