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Hi All,

Thank you for lending your time and giving so much appreciation for my first blog, which makes me confident to present the second one with all of you. In this blog I plan to present how we can restrict the employee from claiming a reimbursement whereas the assigned HR/Benefits Admin can do the same on his/her behalf.

There has been requirements where I have seen the business wants the HRs to only go ahead with the system update for reimbursements whereas the employees will be submitting the required documents offline to HRs towards the same. This precisely means that the "Start a Claim" button will not be available for the employee (ESS) whereas the same "Start a Claim" button for the same reimbursement will be active for the respective HR/Benefits Admin.

Points to be noted:

  • All the screenshots and data that are being used in the blog is from the Sales Demo system.

Similar to my previous blog,to meet this requirement of restricting the employee from claiming and allowing the HR/Benefits Admin to do the same, we have to update the business rule which is being used as the Eligibility Rule against the Benefit (Reimbursement) in Benefits Admin Overview. In case there is no such Eligibility Rule assigned in the Benefit, then we need to create one rule and assign the same in the Eligibility rule section.

Steps we need to follow to get the desired result are mentioned below for reference:

  • We need to create the business rule with condition to make the system understand that we need to check the Login User and based on that we need to check the benefit (if the requirement is for a specific benefit) and then if the above conditions are matching then we need to make the Entitlement Amount to bein case of ESS action to make the "Start a Claim" button disappear and when the system understands the Login User to be HR/Benefits Admin then assign the company specific Entitlement Amount to make the "Start a Claim" active.

One thing we will see here is that we need not give condition in the rule to make the system understand whether the other Login User when not the employee is Manager or HR, as the MSS Roles (RBP) don't have edit access for their direct reports.

  • Now we need to assign the rule in Eligibility Rule section against the Benefit in Benefits Admin Overview:


  • Now we can see that when we proxy as the employee and go to My Benefits section, the Start A Claim button is not there:

  • And now we can see that when we proxy as the respective HR/Benefits Admin and go to My Benefits section, the Start A Claim button is there:

This was my experience with this requirement that I came across.

It would be good if you can give it a read and let me your feedback. 🙂


Abhishek M


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