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  • Overview

  • Enable Report Center

  • Prerequisite

  • Role-Based Permissions needed for accessing and managing reports in Report Center

  • Turn On/Off Report Center

  • Error Alert and solution: Error while fetching reports!

  • Report Sync

  • Reporting Center's important Features

    • Label As: A Cool Feature- Folders are the story of past!

    • Delete button

  • Report Scheduling

  • Old vs New Names for Reports : (Table)

  • Navigation table after turning on the Report Center : (Table)


Report center is a one-stop destination to share, run, view and edits all your reports, regardless of the data source. In Q3 2017, Report center is made generally available to all customers. One can think of it as a single reporting solution used by all customers. This simplifies the usage of the SAP SuccessFactors reporting tools. It is a new way to navigate and access Reporting, Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning applications (Section 9 - Table 2).

It syncs up with ALL reports in the Online Report folder, which means by default it shows all the reports unless permission otherwise. Please be mindful while deleting or editing reports from Report Center (view Section 6.2 for details).

1. Enable Report Center

Via Upgrade Center

2. Prerequisite

RBP – Enable users to access their reports in Report Center.

3. Role-Based Permissions needed for accessing and managing reports in Report Center

3.1 Enable Admin permissions to share and schedule reports in Report Center.

3.2 Report Permission: Assign user permissions for Report Center and scheduling reports in Report Center.

3.3 Assign role-based permissions to users who will be creating and managing the Report - Canvas.

3.4 Assign role-based permissions to manage tiles and dashboards.

4. Turn On/Off Report Center

  •  Admin center Reporting and Analytics > Manage Report Center

  • Turn on/off the Report Center

Error Alert and solution: Error while fetching reports!

5. Report Sync

Admin can manually sync the report information into the search repository from the Admin Center if the search does not return the expected results.

  •  Admin Center > Sync Report Center search

  •  Fill fields in Configure Job Parameters > Start Sync

6. Reporting Center's important Features

6.1 Label As - Cool Feature

In Report Center, reports are organized based on labels and not folders, unlike previous in older versions. These labels are analogous to tags and a report can have multiple labels and can be filtered seamlessly.

You can manage these labels accordingly.

Reports can be filtered based on the labels.

6.2 Delete button

6.3 Report Scheduling

Important Note:

  • Existing Provisioning schedules: Available in Report Center.

  • Existing Report Center schedules: Not available in Report Center.

  • Newly created Report Center schedules: Do not appear in Report Distributor.

Figure Action > New Schedule

Differences between scheduling in Report Center and scheduling from Report Distributor.

Following are not currently available in Report Center:

  • Bundles

  • Email and Recipients

  • Dynamic Date Filters

  • Individual Online Report Designer components

Workforce Analytics Reporting Paths support is not planned in Report Center Scheduling in Report Center.

7. Old vs New Names for Reports

Table 1: New naming convention for SAP SuccessFactors reports.

8. Navigation table after turning on the Report Center

Table 2: Navigation paths

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