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Where to find Standard ruleset details

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Hi All,

As part of my project, the client had asked to share the list of Risks and Functions which will be present inside the standard global ruleset. Is there any place where all the risks and functions present in the standard ruleset are given?

As the build of GRC systems are not yet completed, there is no option to activate the business sets and download the rule set form there

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Please check this note 986996 - GRC Access Control- Best Practice for Rules and Risks

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You will need to activate the standard rulesets through SCPR20 tcode. The BCsets related to rulesets start with GRAC_RA_RULESET_*. Depending on the system you are integrating to your GRC, you will activate the corresponding ruleset, e.g. GRAC_RA_RULESET_S4HANA_ALL if you are integrating an S4HANA system with FIORI Apps; GRAC_RA_RULESET_SAP_HANA if you are integrating a HANA system to GRC, etc. Once you activate it, you will be able to download it and check the results.