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View Package log empty after copy appset

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After making a copy of an existing appset I have found that in the new appset the View Package Status log is completely empty. The tbldtslog still exists in the database folder and contains all the details of the packages run from the copied appset but when selecting eData/ View Package Status, the log is empty.

Does anyone know how to repopulate the View Package Status window so that the run packages can be viewed from the front end?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is a different appset. DM packages was not running for new appset, packages was running for old appset.

If you are looking into tbldtslog table you will see appset it is a column into table.

So when you are running view status you are doing a selection saying:

provide all log for appset where I'm logged.(New appset).

That's means you will not be able to see packages running for old appset because appset column from tbldtslog is populat with name of old appset.

If you want to see these logs into your new appset you just have to update this table and to replace the old appset with new appset.

I hope this will help you.

Kind Regards

Sorin Radulescu

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Hi Sorin

Many thanks for your response. I've updated the Appset in the table and its done the trick.

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