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Users not given option to "Use my Microsoft Windows user ID"

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Hi guys.

Anyone seen this before?

When our users connect to BPC, either through IE or straight from Excel, they get the following:

The first time they connect in any session (after a reboot, logon, etc.) they are offered both options to sign in...

"Use my Microsoft Windows user ID and password"


"Use a different user ID and password"

This is as intended

However, on any subsequent login requests (changing Apps, AppSets, closing and re-opening Excel, etc.), they are ONLY given the "Use a different user ID and password" option.

Whilst this might seem a minor issue, the number of times that users are having to re-enter their password in a day is getting on people's nerves and we're hearing a lot about it.

Has anyone come across anything similar before, and if so, how (if at all) did you resolve it?

This has been a problem in v7.5 SP4 for a while and is still a problem after an upgrade to 7.5 SP6


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Hi Art.

That was gthe first thing I checked.

However, we have resolved it. Strangely, we had to set SOX compliance to ON and then back to OFF.

This seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for the suggestion though.