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Upgrade bpc 7.5 to bpc 10 missing methods and function module

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Dear Experts ,

I need a guidence .We are doing upgrade from BPC 7.5 to BPC 10.

Bw version 701 to 731

Few methods and Function modules are missig.

how to rectify that?. i mean alternate for that!!


For exmple there is a interface called

Interface = IF_UJ_MODEL

method =  get_dim_data_by_type

method = get_appl_data


I have a function module called  UJA_API_PROCESS_DIMENSION.. its not available in bw7.31 version.

is there any alternate function module for this?

PLease guide on this.



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Hi everybody,

I´m facing a similar problem: We are migrating BPC 7.5 environment to BPC 10 and the standard class: CL_UJ_MODEL doesn´t have the method GET_APPL_DATA anymore.

We have a BAdis that has been using  his method. What we´re supposed to do in this case? Transport the standard class from de old environment to the new one? Only the missing method?

I'll appreciate any help or suggestion.



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Hi Bruno,

Just read this document: