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Hello Experts,

In standard BPC we have the option to create Validation rules/BADI's for certain validations.

Is the same functionality is available for Embedded BPC? I tried to execute the T.code UJ_VALIDATION in Embedded BPC, however I am not able to find my Environment in Drop down.



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Hi Priyanka,

I have already gone through the link you have provided. Here I have some unique requirement.

When there are 2 records entered in BPC where the characteristic combinations are exactly the same (example below), the standard BPC behavior is to combine both of them.

So in the example above, it will combine the duplicate records as follows:

This is not an issue for forecasting if the input being made is an amount.

However if the input being made is % or rate per stat unit, we would like it should throws out an error. It should not combine the duplicate records. For example, the following examples should reject the input:

Example 1:

Example 2:



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After looking at proper screenshots question! Can you explain me the business scenario as to why the same account has different inputs??? One in amounts, one in %, one in rate/stat unit input??