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Transition for Rate Plans with Different Pricing Sources

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I am currently working on a plan for a current product, has rate plans without price schemes, that has subscriptions to the same product, but with rate plans that have price schemes. The price scheme will replicated the pricing model of the original, just with some added discounting abilities included. What is the best course of action to transtition from no price scheme rate plans to price scheme-based rate plans and maintain the current subscriptions in the system?

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Hello Curtis,

there is currently no migration path for existing products / subscriptions.

This is because the pricing functionality is fundamentally different for rate plans based on pricing schemes and the former ones without pricing scheme. Therefore Subscription Billing does not allow a mixture of pricing within one single subscription.

This means that you need to create a new product along with new rate plans based on a rate plan template with pricing scheme. And you also need to create also new subscription and cancel the existing ones.