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Transfer of inbound delivery and GR: SAP transfer logic and Badi

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while transferrting Inb del and GR, it seems very less of the information in the Inb del is transferred to the GTS Transit decl and Customs declaration.

in GTS, we miss Unloading location (for transit), Inco term /location, Mot at Border, Bus transaction type, country of departure, Location of goods, Invoice number and invoice date, number of packages, packaging type (for the Customs declaration). - all these info can be stored in the Foreign trade data Tab of the Inb delivery. And as this is done for intrastat in ECC and it can be expected that all this info can be transferred to the GTS declarations.

Btw, the country of origin is transferred perfectly.

it a bonded declaration transfer.

1) could you share with me the code in ECC where i can debug to see exactly the logic that SAP applies to select which fields are transferred and which not.

2) the Badi where i can write my code to map and transfer the above values - is it this one?: /SAPSLL/IF_EX_IFEX_MM0B_R3

from experience , have you managed to transfer the above fields?

thanks in advance


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Hi Assen,

I think you have misunderstood the Transit process.  The GTS functionality is designed to meet the requirements of the NCTS in Europe.

For the inbound process, the first step is to advise the authorities that the consignment has arrived.  For that, more-or-less the only required data is your own registration & location details and the Movement Reference Number (MRN).  Almost all other data is then returned in the Unloading Permission message and is automatically populated in the GTS Customs Shipment.

Your registration and location details should be provided by the Data Proposal mechanism.  There should be no need to transfer anything else from the feeder system.



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Hi Dave,

this is also my understanding.

in my post I mentioned only the unloading

llocation as needed for NCTS,

I am describing customer way of

working and requirement. They do actually work

like this as per local legal requirement. they enter the

uunloading location and the MRN and file NCTS.

the unloading location and the location of goods,

the first required for NCTS , the second for GPA,

are the same location/value and

have to be entered once-

either in the IBD, either in the transit in GTS

and then copied to the Customs decl for GPA


Which criteria or logic will allow me to determine/ default

the location- the customer has 3.

this can be entered manually only.

IN addition to the above , what's the explanation

that for ex the inco term or the country of departure

entered in the IBD are not transferred in

the customs declaration?



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i think I got it where the confusion comes.

i mean time 1;

transfer of IBD - expects to transfer the unloading location.

we can say; to be entered in gts.

time 2;

post GR; even it's separate doc, the

expectation is to transfer the IBD FT data.

its difficult to justify to the user that because there

are 2 doc  (IBD and GR) and the data does not flow from

ibd to gr and to gts.

why they enter FT data in ECC?

because of intrastat.

we can say; report intrastat in gts.

BEyond that conceptual discussion, I wld like

to debug the sap standard code, where the data

iis mapped. Do you know the object?

TThanks a lot for the discussion