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TPM1- SAC Amortization run for a day but in output calculating for 2 days including next day

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Dear experts,

I have run TPM1 SAS amortization for key date 14.03.2023. below are the screenshots of the process i run, while checking the amortization logs in the TPM1 output "amortization key date" is coming 15.03.2023 (i.e. Key date valuation + 1day), Beacuase of that system is calculating amortisation amount for 2 days instead of 1 day.

Any one please guide me what configuration needs to be changed to get the correct amortization output only for a day for which i am running the TPM1 i.e. 14.03.2023.

Also as per my understanding in case of EIR amortization, Effective interest rate will remail constants from the date of purchase to each amortized date till maturity date but in the system after each date of amortisation in amortization log EIR is changing. is my understanding correct? or can anyone please help me.

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