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The problem of posting invoices for projects

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I have a problem with posting an invoice, when I try to send it to accounting, I get the message: Enter only one true account assignment - Message no. KI249. It is about posting the delivery via project, tcode VL01N. After that, tcode VF01 creates the invoice but does not allow it to be released to accounting with tcode VF02. In the sales order, I have entered both the WBS element and the order (Account Assignment). Can someone help with this problem?

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Hello @Privete_member__1304573 , Cost & revenue in controlling module can only be posted to one real cost object only, in this case WBS & order both assiged, you need to remove one of them.

Why one real cost object - othrewise it will result in duplicate value posted in CO module let say expense of 100 in FI module if  it is posted to both WBS & order it will be 200 in CO module which is not correct, that's why system will not allow.


Sumesh Gupta