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The error in reversing entry of Asset Accounting

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Hi, SAP experts.

I encountered an error stating “Cannot post in a different fiscal year” when attempting to reverse the fixed asset acquisition posting. The reversal was attempted on the exact same date as the original acquisition posting, specifically using the date January 1, 2024, for document date, posting date, and translation date.

In our system configuration, the ‘0L’ ledger follows an April to March fiscal year period, while the ‘2L’ ledger adheres to the calendar year. The reversal attempt was specifically made within the depreciation area of ledger ‘2L’.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain the cause of this error and suggest how to resolve it. Thank you.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If you limited to 2L, then can you check if the same document number is used in both ledgers.
If so then reversing on one ledger won't be possible. 

You can consider scrapping the 2L part.