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Tariff Concession Orders in Australia

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My customer in Australia has a requirement to implement Tariff Concession Orders for certain imported products.  Has anyone implemented this in Australia?

A Tariff Concession Order (TCO) will be granted on imported goods if substitutable goods are not produced in Australia.  Substitutable goods are Australian-made goods which have a use corresponding to a use of the imported goods.

  • Customer applies for TCO for a product.
  • Date of the application is the date of effectivity.
  • If approved, the Australian customs authority assigns a tariff concession code.
  • The tariff concession code applies a special duty rate to the product and has a validity date.


Bill Beranek

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Hi Bill,

It sounds like you could implement a solution using the Preference structures.

Enter the reduced duty rates as type 'B200' with Prefence Type 'D', and then add a Preference Certificate document to each relevant Import Declaration item.  If Preference is already used by your customer in Australia, then you might have to use the BAdI /SAPSLL/CUS_ECC to remove the Certificate from the Declaration message.  On the other hand, I guess the trader has to refer to the TCO, so you might need data from the document in the message anyway.

To get the document into the Declaration, you could propose it in the BAdI /SAPSLL/CUHD_PROP, or assign it to the relevant Product(s) on the "Authorities" tab, or be really clever and use the Legal Control functionality to determine it in the manner of a Licence.  Whichever way you want to go, it sounds perfectly possible.

Have fun!