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Subtotals in EPM reports

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Hello experts,

I have a report where in the row axis, we have a combination of Costcenter and Accounts (with suppression)...  what is the best way to include a subtotal line after every CostCenter?  Is there an EPM function to accomplish this?  This subtotal line should be dynamic, based on the suppression...

For example:

CC1     Account 1

CC1     Account 2

CC1     Account 3

          Subtotal     $$$$$

CC2     Account 1

CC2     Account 4

          Subtotal     $$$$$

The subtotal lines above should expand with the CostCenter & Account selection, and should be displayed after every costcenter.. 

Your guidance is greatly appreciated....  Thanks in advance for your time and help!

Best regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hello sapfico,

You can try this.

1. add a local member and name it like "Sub Total".

2. Enable

3.For the formula type "=SUM(EPMSELECTEDMEMBERS(ACCOUNT))"

4. Select Insert After.

5. Select Attached to Row Axis.


Hope this helps


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You can try Member Sorting and Grouping to get subtotals dynamically

For more information check following area at Member Sorting and Grouping by Properties

Hope it helps...



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But the problem with member and sorting when adding the subtotals is that you cannot perform any drill down.

Can I add another questions like, what if there are 3 dimensions on row axis (ie. Cost Center, WBS, Account), and you want to have sub total per Cost center and a Grand total.

You can add Sub totals by using member and sorting but cannot drill down.

Thanks as always,


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You can try using EPMInsertCellsBeforeAfterBlock function.

As you need to insert a cell after CostCenter, just set the costcenter in the function parameters.

Best Regards,


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Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the response.

So, for example, if I have the EPM context set to CostCenter100, and the formula for the subtotal is "=sum(D40:D45)", when I change the context to CostCenter200, the subtotal formula should read "=sum(D40:48), but it is still reading the formula as "=sum(D40:D45)..  In other words, the formula is not dynamic..

Any thoughts on how to set the formula to be dynamic?  Can we use local members to accomplish this?

Again, thanks for your time and help!

Best regards,


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Hi Vijay,

In the parameter Range, "Specify the cell range containing the content that you want to insert", as described in the EPM Manual, you have to workaround in this parameter to make it dynamic.

As far as I know, EVSUM is not available anymore in BPC 10, but try something with SUMIF.



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Hi Vijy,

Even if u change CostCenter 200 no problem right becose u based on the Context doesn't change Row Axis right then what is ur problem.

I think u r not using Costcenter any AXIS.Then there is no problem.

If u use CostCenter as a Row AXIS then based on the Context it didn't change becose it is in Row AXIS.


Vinod Kumar.