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Standard CopyOpening program vs custom Account Transformation rule for BCF

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For performing legal consolidation, where dataload mode is periodic (i.e. only movements for the period are loaded to BPC from S4), what is the best approach to configure balance carry forward?


  1. I have opening balances loaded to 2015.12 (which is our 1st period with any data) as movements (for this example lets just say F20 - Increase, F30 - Decrease).
  2. Using an account transformation rule we copy all flows to F99 (Flow_Type Closing) for Balance Sheet accounts.
  3. Use this F99 of 2015.12 to bring forward BS balances to 2016.01 as F00 (Flow_Type Opening).
  4. Load movements from S4 for 2016.01. Now we have F00 + F20 + F30 (these are base members of parent ID END).
  5. Month-end activities/consolidation is performed and Step 2 (END to F99) is run.
  6. In 2016.02, F99 of 2016.01 is brought forward as F00 and other steps are repeated.
  7. This way BCF is always run using F99 of pervious period.


  1. How can I use the standard BCF business rule to bring forward BS balances from previous period to current? It's default behaviour brings forward balances from last period of previous year to current month.
  2. Standard CopyOpening program ignores automatic adjustments (A type Audittrails). In custom account transformation rule I have to specify to ignore automatic adjustments, else it brings forward even those.
  3. I am not comfortable using a custom account transformation rule for BCF as I feel that I may miss something that standard CopyOpening program takes care of.
  4. With the current process (Step 1 - 7 listed above), F00 is not considered for consolidation and hence accounts eligible for elimination do not get eliminated. For this, I have not put a filter on audittrail in the custom BCF rule. This way even the elimination records (on A-type audittrails) are brought forward. Although, this gives me the desired results, I am not sure if this is a standard practice, and if not what's the best practice? Shouldn't the consolidation process generate elimination records even for opening balances?
  5. Does it matter that I use F99 (Flow_Type Closing) as the source flow in the BCF rule and not END (parent node of all movements)?
  6. Can some one help me with inputs to be provided to make standard BCF rule work?

Thank you for reading this long question. Any input will be highly appreciated. Do let me know if you require more details regarding the setup for answering my questions. We are on BPC 10.1 NW - Standard/Classic.


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