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SSM 7 - How to create more than 100 standard KPIs on admin interface?

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Good day all,

Has anybody successfully increased the the number of standard kpis that can be created in the Admin inteface to greater than 100 standard kpis?

I have followed the instructions on page 39 of the 'Server configuration guide for SAP Strategy Management for sp 2 or higher' pdf to modify the

kpi limits but I still get a popup on the Admin interface telling me that only 100 standard kpis can be created when I try to add the 101th kpi.

btw the procedure in the pdf mentioned above refers to changing the file but in this file the wording for a kpi i.e.

'&$KP99PARAM0STD' is not the found but the wording "P" is use instead of "PARAM". In the file the wording "PARAM" is used.

I have adding 100 extra parameters to these files. But I still get the restrictions of only creating 100 kpis as mentioned above.

Please assist in this matter.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Taariq,

In the same server config guide, please check the section about Modifying the Objective Limits. The parameter you have to change here will influence both the Objective and KPI limits. Unfortunately this is not stated in that document yet...

So in addition to the steps you have already implemented, try changing this property!

Best regards,

Ricardo Vieira

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