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We got a problem that suddenly occured this month with SPRunConso which always have been working fine before.

SPRunConso takes about 10 minutes to run which is normal and we don´t get any error message.

But no rows are calculated and no rows are updated

I have checked if we have ownership data for the corresponding Time, Category Group combination we are trying to consolidate.

SPRunConso works fine for our other smaller groups, it´s just our largest group that´s not working.

Any one with any solutions?

I was thinking maybe there are some time limit for SPRunConso when I´m running it as a package? It seems like SPRunConso takes more than 600 seconds in the large group where it isn´t working

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if you think it is a timeout issue...try including

*TIMEOUT = 0 to make it unlimited.

But more importantly was this logic ever running for the largest group.? If yes, we need to figure out what has changed from then to now. Is it a data issue/logic issue/or any other security /work status tht is causing the logic to take more than usual time.

hope this helps....

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*TIMEOUT = 0 solved the problem!

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