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SPM Log report not generating

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Hi Experts,

We are working on AC 5.3 SP7.It seems that we have configured all SPM configuration fine. The user is able to do firefighter login successfully and access all the critical transactions.The issue is log report is not generating despite configuring all options in the configration tab and controler tab as per the SAP delivered guides.

Both the jobs are running ok and also there is no issue in the spool.



Please find below the configuration tab details in /VIRSA/VFAT..

CHGLOG Retrieve Change Log YES

FFAUTH Firefighter Owner Additional Authorization YES

FFCCCM Configuration Change Comment Mandatory YES

FFCNTL Firefighter Controller Additional Authorization YES

FFLOGCRT Send Log Report with Critical Transactions Only NO

FFLOGIM Send Log Report Execution Notification Immediately YES

FFLOGNOTI Send Log Report Execution Notification YES

FFNOTIM Send Firefighter Login Notification Immediately YES

MAIL Send FirefightId Login Notification YES

RFC Remote Function Call GRC_FF_RFC

SYSKEY Connector Id for Risk Analysis HRD

Controler Tab detail..


Please provide a work around for the issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mukesh,

I hope the log are coming but full report is not showing like old value and new value are not coming.

We have already raised this issue to SAP and they are looking into this issue.



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Hi Sudip,

No report is reaching in the controler's e-mail box.In the spool(/VIRSA/VFAT) it's giving me only overview(no logs like old value and new value).

Earlier it was allright. I noticed one thing in R/3 under T.code SCOT >INIT>SMTP,there are 100 of messages jammed in the queue.Do you think it could be a possible reason for this? If so, i need to report the issue to the BASIS team.

Thanks for your response !


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This may be a reason. But can u see log report in SPM?

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Yes, i am able to see the log reports in SPM,but there is no information about changed values.We have now resolved the issue by cleaning the jammed messages in SCOT.

Thanks for your inputs,


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